Home moving with https://www.flashmoving.net/packers-and-movers/ begins with inventory. This is an iron rule that should not be neglected. Otherwise, the next year, periodically, the owner of the apartment will discover new losses that occurred during the move. Make a list of all things, starting with the most valuable and expensive possessions. Do not list items and things in a chaotic manner, write everything down by category (furniture, textiles, books, etc.) Decide which of the things you will move to a new apartment, and which ones you will hand over for temporary storage.

Moving is an occasion to sort out unnecessary things and say goodbye to them. No need to accumulate trash, and even more so transport it to a new home. In 95% of cases, things that have not been used for more than two years never become useful. Get rid of them by hosting a sale or charity event for those in need.

If the apartment is not put up for sale and some things remain, it is necessary to provide favorable conditions for their storage – cover the items with plastic wrap or newspapers, roll up the carpets, after cleaning and thoroughly drying them. Jewelry, family heirlooms and antiques, for the time of moving, it is better to transfer to a rented warehouse or to a cell.

Packing rules for moving
For packaging, materials such as:

carton boxes. On average, one room takes from 20 to 30 boxes;
polyethylene and vacuum bags, film;
adhesive tape that does not leave marks on surfaces (it is needed for gluing boxes, large loads and gluing doors on furniture);
bubble wrap or foam. The material is used to protect fragile, breaking or scratching objects.

All things should be packed by category, guided by an already written list. On each box, indicate the contents, including the room, for example: “Dishes. Kitchen” or “Pictures. Hallway”. This will streamline the process of disassembling the boxes and help to equip new housing faster. It is rational to sign the boxes with several colors of markers. So, for example, boxes with a red mark will indicate things of paramount importance. After all, as a rule, unopened boxes after moving can stand for several more months.

Transportation of things
An equally important stage of the move is transportation. At this stage, many boxes simply “leave” in an unknown direction. You should be extremely careful if several people are loading things – you need to act in concert. Small boxes are best wrapped with tape together. All cargo must be counted. Do not forget about the insurance of fragile and breakable objects, wrap them in foam rubber. In most cases, even with their own transport, people prefer to contact a freight company, the services of such companies include not only transportation, but also loading. Choose a certified company with positive reviews and reliable transport, coordinate all the details, the route, the number of shipments and the volume of cargo in advance.